Employee Handbook

PLEASE NOTE: The legacy website you are viewing contains a snapshot of our website on 8/16/2018, and is no longer being updated.   This site will be available for a short time only for reference purposes, as some of the content on this site is no longer available on the new iSchool website (https://ischool.illinois.edu).    

We have created this resource for new School employees, but current staff and faculty may find this outline of School, university, and community resources of use to them as well.

School Resources

  1. Overview of the School
  2. Committees
  3. Staff & Faculty Directory
  4. Time Reporting System (requires login)
  5. Information Technology and Help Desk
  6. Making Room Reservations
  7. Making AV and Equipment Requests
  8. Obtaining a Key to the Building (Key Policy)
  9. Floor Plans: Basement | First Floor | Second Floor | Third Floor
  10. Student Awards
  11. Research and Service Units:
    Center for Children's Books
    Center for Informatics Research in Science and Scholarship
    Communications Office
  12. Faculty Travel Support
  13. School Bylaws
  14. Guidelines for Annual Review of the Faculty (pdf)
  15. Third-Year Review Procedures (pdf)
  16. Guidelines for Promotion and Tenure (pdf)
  17. Policy on Faculty Office Hours | Office Hours Form (pdf)
  18. Faculty Listing and Research Vision
  19. Adjunct Faculty Handbook
  20. Communications Office and Resources

University Resources

  1. Academic Calendar
  2. Business and Financial Policies and Procedures
    1. Carpool
    2. Travel
  3. Business Cards (Document Services)
  4. Campus Administrative Manual
    1. Appropriate Use of Computers and Network Systems
  5. Campus Maps
  6. Campus Parking
  7. Campus Recreation
  8. Employee Benefits
    1. Benefits Summary
    2. NESSIE (Net-driven Employee Self-Service and Information Environment)
  9. Faculty/Staff Assistance Program
  10. Library Locations and Hours
  11. Provost's Academic Professional Development Fund
  12. Sabbatical Leave
  13. Emergency Preparedness

Community Resources

  1. Champaign County Visitor's Guide
  2. City of Champaign
  3. City of Urbana
  4. Hotel/Motel Information
    1. Illini Union
    2. Hotels, Motels, Bed and Breakfast
  5. Illinois Secretary of State - Vehicle Services
  6. Mass Transit District Routes and Schedules